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Activities and Events

1 - Sports activities.

Daily morning sports in external or internal area (weather permitting) in addition to the sports day for the development of the spirit of competition and teamwork in a fun family atmosphere.

2- External activities in the outdoors include a range of fun games fun addition to the yard to play mV.

3- Exercise playing sand activity by providing a large basin and sand and medical tools to play with sand complete.

4 - Muscle developments of children's skills and motor through games climbing, skiing, gym and more fun and activity there is a large swimming balls inside a large, air-conditioned lounge and covered sponge from all sides to protect children.

5 -  Hobbies and numerous activities in diverse inner corners.

Reading Corner: to promote the concept of the book and encourage children to read and reading a variety of the existence of a small library.

Art Corner: to launch a children's talents and creative imagination through large graphic panels and multiple combinations of colors and Handicraft.

Professions Corner : to simulate reality and practice Play through the fashion set and tools represent multiple occupations (police officer, doctor, nurse, engineer, etc.) ..

Home life Corner : to encourage children to become self-reliant through miniature models resemble reality.
Enhance communication between the children in the nursery during their meeting in the display room and puppet theater.

6 - Celebrate holidays and religious and national occasions.

7 - Customize every week day for a particular activity: (free drawing, small stove, hand work).

8 - Activities monthly colors.

9 - Organizing trips a variety of entertaining and educational.

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