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National nursery, Arabic nursery  which interested in English and the Quran ,and  its location (Abu Dhabi).
The owner / Hamdan Salem Balabed Al Suwaidi.

We welcome children from the age of one month to four years of age, where they find the  fun and interest, and we are always  thank you for your trust in us and choosing us to put your  loved children in our warm house , and we pledge to provide them with the best care degrees in a healthy, safe, and creative environment to   liberate the  energies of your children to discover Their talents and their creativity and develop their personalities to be launched towards excellence.

We are delighted to cooperate with parents to complete the communication loop between the nursery, child and home through meetings, lectures and publications which aimed parents awareness..

Nursery Family :

Our family consists of a special work team which has educationally qualified and have sufficient experience and has the ability to deal with different age groups, And knowledge of the basic needs of the child

(biological and physiological) to provide the best and highest degrees of love and care and attention.

Our team comprises :

Social worker, secretary, nurse, Nannies and qualifications of supervisors under the supervision of UAE, which

 has a long experience in teaching and supervision and the proper handling of children.

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