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Social Service Office :

Social service work in the nursery to help a child custody in strengthening and satisfy their psychological and social needs.

And the nursery as educational and social medium in the educational performance of its mission to overcome the individual positions to which children are exposed in
Their individual social and community.

Social service goals :
Note the problems of children and processing speed.
Help children develop their skills in various fields.
Help children to acquire good habits (self-reliance and responsibility).

Some of the problems faced by the child:

Shyness and introversion.

Sucking fingers.

Speech defects.

Anger nerve and heart.

Inclination to attack and fight.


Assault and destruction of property of others

The role of social worker with a child custody :

1 - Follow-up of children through individual and collective activity during the day in the nursery.
2 - strengthening the link between the social worker and the guardian of cooperation for the benefit of the child in the nursery.
3 - Trying to discover the child's talent and excellence in the aspects of his personality and work on their development.
4 - The discovery of individual cases and follow-up, and converted to the competent authority (if necessary) in coordination with the parents.
5 - Setting to configure the mothers and teachers.
6 - Prepare monthly lectures for parents to tell them the most important problems as possible be exposed to their children and how to address them and treat them.
7 - Attend meetings with the Board of Directors of the nursery.



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