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Safety and Security

Dear parents, because your children are the flowers of our hearts and to provide comfort and safety for them, we equip the nursery with all the basics of security and safety.

1 - Nursery rows wide and sunny to provide a healthy atmosphere appropriate and covered with a layer of protection for the safety of children.

2 - Provide children's rooms device to purify the air and maintain the humidity within each row to protect children from the risk of transmission of diseases and create a healthy atmosphere intact.

3 - Sporting activities room walls and floor covered with a thick layer of sponge to protect children during play

4 -  Foreign arena for games available to cover the ground with a rubber layer and a fence surrounds the courtyard and shaded to protect children.

5 -  Customize a safe and comfortable bed for each child of the age (month - year).

6 - Provide beds , blankets and pillows for all  the kids  age stages.

7 -  Protection mode on the doors to protect children's hands from the risk of closing the door.

8 - Nursery stairs covered inhibitor sliding to the safety of children.

9 - The provision of surveillance cameras to follow the children and ensure their adequate protection.

10 - Provide Nursery extinguishers and safety devices in case of emergency

11 -Nursery equipped with pest control (if its found) to ensure the health and safety.

12 - Play and drawing tools are made of materials not harmful to health but not serious or small easy to swallow.

13 -Providing sterile condemns throughout the nursery.

14 -Main nursery door opens and closes electronically to ensure the full protection of children and to see visitors during their incomes and their exit from the nursery.

15 - Careful management and confirmed that the child receives their parents or who  authorized by  the parents only.

16 -Career training on evacuation plan to ensure the safety, security and protection to and from nursery.

17 - Seen a nurse on a daily basis and full time to monitor health conditions in children after filling out forms (medical reports).

18 - Accompany children during a curfew in the nursery or play or go to the toilets.

19 -Make sure each row of nanny free of children at the end of working hours.

20 - Available security and safety conditions and health care in the courtyard, activities room, rows and in every corner of the nursery.

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